Selection Criteria

1. Need for Shelter

The need for adequate shelter is measured by the condition of the family’s current housing including the structural safety, integrity, and mechanical function of the home. Also considered is the size of the living quarters, whether the situation is temporary, the cost of housing, and the family’s income. Habitat families are working families whose income falls between 25-50% of the area median income as established by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (based on US census statistics).

2. Ability to pay zero interest, zero profit mortgage

A family can be considered to have minimum income necessary if the family has a reliable monthly income source that is equal to approximately four times the monthly Habitat house payment; the family’s debt to income ratio; monthly payment consistency, and history of bankruptcy, liens and judgments.

3. Willingness to partner with Habitat for Humanity of Rockland

The following factors are used to determine whether families are willing to partner with Habitat. Habitat will consider whether the family:

  • Participated in pre-screening contact and readily engaged in a home visit
  • Attempted to attend Habitat functions
  • Provided necessary documentation and references
  • Expressed a desire to make this community their permanent home
  • Is comfortable with credit and reference evaluations
  • Recognizes the responsibility of homeownership
  • Realizes that Habitat needs active partners.