P1000449-2aWe are an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, and was incorporated in 1994. A local volunteer board of directors governs HfHR’s building programs, and several committees work under their direction. With the combined efforts of a host of volunteers, partners, and Habitat homeowners, HfHR is committed to eliminating substandard housing conditions in Rockland County.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY INTERNATIONAL is a nonprofit, interfaith housing ministry that works in partnership with families in need, without regard to religion or ethnicity, to improve the condition in which they live. Habitat for Humanity has a strict non-proselytizing policy. We are people from all walks of life, working together to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness from the world, making decent, affordable housing a matter of conscience and action.Volunteer labor and tax-deductible donations of money and materials enable Habitat to build and renovate homes, with the help of homeowner/partner families. Habitat houses are sold at no profit, and are financed with affordable no-interest loans. Loan payments go into a Fund for Humanity that is used to build more houses.


Of the more than 800,000 public charities in the United States, Habitat for Humanity has been selected as one of Worth magazine’s top 100 nonprofits. This designation names Habitat for Humanity as one of the nonprofit organizations that are making the biggest impact with donors’ money, dollar for dollar.

Categorized by Worth as a human services organization, Habitat for Humanity stands alongside groups such as America’s Second Harvest, the Girl Scouts, the Salvation Army and Special Olympics. Worth points out that in times of recession, more people rely on human services organizations, and in difficult economic times, these groups need even more support.

Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to good stewardship of funds, and we are proud of our place on Worth magazine’s top 100 list. Thanks to our donors for their continued generosity as we build houses and hope worldwide.


We rely on community involvement. Since 1994, HfHR has partnered with eight local families. We have built four new homes in Spring Valley and have completed two renovation projects and three new homes in the Village of Hillburn.  While there is no shortage of families in need in our area, the opposite is true of the availability and affordability of land.


Every Habitat house is a partnership venture between volunteers and future homeowners, beginning with the family selection process. Primary considerations are the need for housing, the ability to repay the loan and the family’s willingness to volunteer the required “sweat equity” hours. Each family is required to contribute approximately 500 hours of sweat equity towards the construction of their home or other Habitat activities. This unique partnership greatly reduces the cost of each house, increases the value of home ownership among all family members and fosters the development of positive relationships within the community for years to come. Most families continue to work with Habitat long after they have moved into their home.


HFHR is responsible for generating the capital for each project and receives no financial assistance from HfH International. Donations from individuals, religious groups, corporations, local business and community organizations are our primary source of income. According to the principles of HfH International, the use of government money is limited to infrastructure, such as roads and utilities. Volunteer labor and management expertise, tax deductible donations of building materials and sweat equity make it possible to build decent housing well below the average market price.


Because companies care about their communities and benefit from community improvements, they often make donations to help defray building costs. In addition, businesses donate construction materials, home appliances and other household items. Time and expertise have also been donated by accountants, lawyers, architects, builders and contractors. Habitat provides a vehicle through which people become part of a solution by becoming actively involved.


We need help in many different areas. If you are interested in any phase of building, contracting or on-site volunteer coordination, contact the office. Help is welcome on a variety of committees, depending on your interest and skill. The Habitat office is always in need of volunteers to help with day to day activities: phones, data entry, mailings, database management, etc. We also need leads on property where Habitat can build or renovate. Please call the office and donate your time and talent. Volunteer applications are available by mail and on our website.